Lycom is an omni-channel direct marketing and data provider. We help businesses reach their target audience by enabling them with the data and marketing services to help reduce wasted marketing spend and maximize their yield and profit.

Delivery Options

Responder Prime
Responder Prime are our frequent open users with high conversion rates.
Direct Mail
Get in the physical mailboxes of your target audience with direct mail.
Content Marketing
Inform your customers by providing content on their most visited sites.
Geo - Fencing Ads
Know your target neighborhood or city?
Retargeting Ads
Not every user makes a purchase on their first visit.
Social Retarget
Social Networks often account for the majority of time spent online by your target audience.

Enhance Your Data

Not only do we provide you with quality and tangible data, but we also work with your existing lists and customer data. Our solutions allow us to amend your data and enhance your customer profiles giving you a clearer picture of your customer base.

Double Opt-In Lists

Users email lists are only as functional as the quality of the data. We ensure our database of lists are double opt-in and verified to decrease bounce rates and send issues.

Our Services

Lycom specializes in multi-channel direct marketing services. Our goal is to achieve measurable results for our clients.

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